Tree and Stump Services We Offer

Tree Trimming, Removal & Thinning.

Tree Pros LLC prides itself on having the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle your tree care.

Protect your investment by hiring the professionals to take care of your tree trimming, thinning and removal. Responsible, time-tested and industry-approved techniques will help keep your trees and property looking great!

Tree Climber Cutting Tree Down
Pruning Branches
Tree pruning
Tree Trimming Limbs
Tree removal
Tree Topping
Tree Trimming
Tree Climbing
Tree Climbing
Tree Removal
Tree Trimming
Tree Removal
Tree Cutting
Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming

Not only for tree beauty or health but for safety!

This process includes removal of dead, damaged or diseased limbs and branches, pruning at the right time and place, removing limbs that obstruct pools and rooftops and general tree clean-up for safety.

Tree Removal

Sometimes the tree has got to go!

Sometimes keeping your property looking its best requires removing a dead or damaged tree altogether. Trees located in the wrong spot causing damage to underground lines, driveways or sidewalks. We have the experience to help you make your property better looking AND safe.



Tree Thinning

Out of control trees do more damage than good.

We thin trees to help reduce the number and thickness of tree branches allowing more light to pass to other limbs and the ground below helping grass and other landscaping features grow better and look their best!

Quick Tip #1

Here is why you shouldn’t either:

  1. Starves the tree

  2. Shocks the tree

  3. Promotes insects and disease

  4. Weakens limbs

  5. Rapid new growth

  6. Can kill the tree

  7. It’s UGLY!

  8. Hidden costs

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