Stump Grinding & Removal

Hire a professional, save money and time.

Stumps from dead or damaged trees are not only an eye-sore, but a danger to your property. They can easily be removed with the right equipment and know-how!

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Stump Grinding & Removal

Hire us and watch your stumps disappear!

Stump grinding removes tree stumps by chipping away the wood via a rotating cutting disk that grinds the wood into small chips. Stump grinders range in size from a lawn mower to a truck. Tree Pros LLC ,has the right equipment for the job and the expertise to handle it, big or small!

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Hire a professional stump grinder instead of doing it yourself.

A professional tree care company already has the equipment and knowledge to properly grind a stump.

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Why Should You Remove a Tree Stump?

  • Tree stumps are an eyesore and can drastically hurt your property’s beauty. If you’re thinking of reselling the house, the tree stump can be a liability that could turn off potential buyers, or lower your house’s value.

  • People and children can trip over tree stumps, especially if they are in awkward location.

  • Tree stumps take up valuable space which could be used for landscaping, patios, etc.

  • Tree stumps will start decaying, and insects and pests often nest in decaying tree stumps.

  • Their roots can start spreading, potentially causing cracks and damage to paved areas near the tree stump.

  • Tree stumps typically negatively affect plants and trees around them, limiting their growth and taking up valuable root space.

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