Storm Damage and Clean-up.

Alabama weather is unpredictable, we’re here to help when it strikes.

When a storm strikes, your property and lives can be in danger. Fallen trees and limbs can damage your property and home, and are all to often more than most homeowners can handle on their own.

Tree blown over by wind
Tornado damage
Ice storm damaged trees
High winds uprooted tree
Storm toppled tree
Tree fell on house
Tree slammed into house by tornado

Tree Emergency

When a storm strikes, call on us!

Alabama weather is highly unpredictable and dangerous. When high winds, heavy rain, and other severe weather strikes, you can trust our team to restore the appeal and safety of your property.


  • Fallen tree removal

  • Broken branch removal

  • Roof tarp application

  • Stump grinding

Put the storm behind you and keep your property safe after a storm.

Our team has the experience providing exceptional results that protect your home or business when the weather causes damage.


We can also work with your insurance company to help speed the claims and repairs.


Whatever the season, we can assist you with all types of cleanup ranging from rain and winds to tornadoes and winter weather.

Quick Tip #3

Why you should hire a professional tree service to take care of the 
post-storm work:

  • Never work near power lines.

  • Chain saw work requires an experienced operator to prevent injuries.

  • Uprooted root plates or root balls are unstable.

  • Uneven ground is dangerous.

  • Cutting branches on the ground can cause you to hit hidden obstacles, causing kickback.

  • Homeowners get injured doing their own tree work.

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Tree Care Tips

High velocity winds and intense rain can cause trees and their branches to break. These bursts of wind and rain can be devastating to trees and their branches. When this occurs, you definitely require the services of professionals to uproot the trunks of fallen trees, remove the debris of broken branches.

We always arrive quickly to the scene with adequate manpower and the required equipment and tools needed to clear the debris. Since we do this regularly, we can work with your Insurers and provide you with the required information thereby taking the extra stress off you.

We can assure you that our personnel will do your job right. They are trained on and follow very strict safety protocols and standards and the site will be left orderly and clean.

What else is considered a tree emergency?

  • A fallen tree or tree branches blocking the entrance to your home or on the roof of your house

  • A splitting or a cracked tree threatening the safety of your house or property

  • You are in town only for a short period but have to attend to a problem of a fallen or cracked tree

  • You need to rescue a cat from a cracking or splitting tree

  • A stump, limb, or tree is standing in the way of your construction site.

  • An ugly hanging stump or a dying tree is preventing the sale of a property, hindering property closing or an open house.

  • Your city forester or insurance company insists that a problematic tree be taken care of now

  • Any tree service that you immediately require

Why should you call Tree Pros, LLC for Emergency Tree Service?

  • We are a team of technically competent professionals, and we have the right tools and equipment to tackle jobs anytime.

  • We will respond to your requests 24/7

  • Our network Contractors are insured and licensed in all the cities we serve.

  • Our rates are reasonable

  • We clean and also haul away the debris.

  • Our emergency tree service handlers have experience that spans over 15 years

  • We always deliver excellent results


Tree Pros, LLC , professionals are dedicated to making your trees and your home safe no matter what emergency tree situations arise. We are trained to respond quickly with solutions that lessen the destruction, or harm caused by a fallen, diseased, or dangerously compromised tree and make sure safety is restored to your home.

If you find yourself with a sudden need for emergency tree services in Birmingham AL Area  then you absolutely should not hesitate to contact the reliable and knowledgeable emergency tree removal specialists at Tree Pros, LLC .


Fallen trees can represent significant damage to your home and your property, which cannot be addressed without the help of a professional emergency tree service. Fortunately, homeowners insurance often includes provisions that provide financial assistance with tree removal and debris cleanup after a disaster that affects your home. At Tree Pros LLC , our affordable tree service serving Birmingham/Central Alabama area is dedicated to helping you handle emergencies with the least stress and out-of-pocket expense. We will work with your insurance company to provide safe tree removal and minimize your costs after a storm or other disaster.

Tips to Help You Handle a Tree Emergency

Knowing how to handle a tree emergency can help you stay calm and minimize any damage that does occur, as well as reduce the time it takes to make repairs.

  • Make sure everyone in your home is unhurt and your home appears safe. If you feel your home is not safe, leave the premises immediately.

  • Call your power company if the trees have damaged any power lines, then contact Tree Pros LLC ,so that we can begin arranging removal of the tree with your insurance company.

  • Keep all receipts associated with your tree services and any necessary relocation during repairs for submission to your insurance company. Tree Pros LLC, will work directly with your insurance provider to minimize confusion, speed up the claim approval process, and speed the reimbursement process up.

Understanding Tree Removal and Insurance Benefits

The vast majority of homeowners insurance policies will handle tree removal if a tree or branch falls on your property and causes damage. Understanding your insurance benefits can help you understand your responsibilities and that of your insurance company when handling tree removal. When a tree falls and damages property, the origin of the tree is unimportant. Thus, if a tree on your property falls and affects your neighbor’s home, he will file a claim under his insurance. If your neighbor’s tree falls and hits your home, you will file a claim with your insurance company. Homeowners insurance policies typically cover tree removal, roof tarping, and the repair of any damage caused by a tree when it falls on your home or any insured structure on your property due to a storm or other cause outside your control. If a tree falls on your home because it is dead or diseased, you may have to cover the cost of tree removal, but your insurance will pay to repair your home.

At Tree Pros LLC, we aim to minimize the disruption to your daily life and your finances that a fallen tree can cause. You can reach us at (205)531-2067 for emergency tree service and insurance assistance in Birmingham/Central alabama area.

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