Tree Cabling

Cabling is used to provide extra support of weight. It also helps resist damage caused by excessive loading from events such as snow, wind and other acts of God. Tree cabling is typically needed when there are split or decayed crotches, crotches with included bark, property or people below are threatened, or the tree has long heavy branches. Cabling preventative measures can be used to reduce tipping, breaking branches, maintaining heritage trees, and helps assist photosynthetic biomass.

Cobra cables are a special cable that is made out of woven nylon. The benefits of using a nylon cable include: flexibility, shock absorbency, longevity, eliminates wounding, does not require drilling, quick installation, and it is recyclable. Cabling is typically installed toward the top of the tree.

Cabling toward the top reduces tension and saves the tree. It also saves on cost because less strength is required of the rope. Friction sleeves are used to protect the tree and the rope from chafing. Reaction wood can occur when a tree is subject to a mechanical device. However, Cobra cabling does not disturb the wood and because there is no drilling involved there is no injury inflicted onto the tree.

We know the importance many residential and commercial properties in the Birmingham area express for their trees and shrubs.Tree Pros's LLC has installed multiple Cobra cables throughout the Greater Birmingham areas. If you think your trees might benefit from the use of cabling/bracing fill out a free estimate form and Tree Pro's LLC will evaluate your trees to see if cabling is needed.

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