Tree and Shrub Prunning

When it’s time to start pruning, make sure you know what the desired outcome is. If your trees and shrubs are important to you, like most Birmingham/Central Alabama residents, then it’s important to know that the person behind that saw knows more than how to cut and clip. They need to know why they should cut and clip and what affect that will have for years to come.

Trees and grass do not always get along. Most Birmingham/Central Alabama homeowners will ask tree service companies to come out and thin their trees to allow more light to access their lawn. However, instead of thinning, raising the canopy is more beneficial for allowing more sunlight to penetrate the grass. Even if the tree is thinned, the light that filters through it will be mostly stripped of the spectrums the lawn needs, where as raising the canopy allows the full spectrum of light to come through. We know this because we are involved in more than just tree cutting; we are invested in the science of tree care.

When your trees are properly and regularly cared for it increases their overall health, reduces the potential for failure, brings them to their full aesthetic value, and increases your property value. That’s why it’s so important to go with a tree service company such as Tre Pro's LLC, when selecting a tree care service provider.

OwnerSam Young of Tree Pro's LLC. has been serving the Birmingham AK areas for over 15 years. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured tree care company. Customers can read our reviews on our web site, and ask for a list of commercial and residential references to learn more about our superior service. Simply contact Tree Pro's LLC today to have your trees or shrubs evaluated, or to learn more about our company by phone at 205-531-2067, or online at


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