Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a method used to completely remove a stump.

Typically, after a tree is removed a stump will stand above ground about 2-4 inches. This can be unsightly and cause a potential tripping hazard.

Tree Pro's LLC is experienced in stump grinding and we have a variety of different machines so we can get to those difficult locations or the stump right in the front yard. We often grind a stump right after a tree has been removed but this is also an effective way to remove those stumps that have been there a long time.

One resulting after thought that is left for most Bimigham/Central Alabama homeowners is the amount of stump debris that accumulates after the stump grinding is completed. Once the stump grinder has gone below the surface 12-18” there is a pile of stump debris consisting of rocks, wood chips and dirt that piles up between two to three times the size of the original stump. Unlike many other tree service companies, we have the equipment to remove this debris for you, so let us know if you want an estimate for cleanup also.

A common thought is to replant a tree exactly where the tree or shrub was removed. This is not recommended because the newly planted tree will not receive adequate nutrition from the soil, and for at least the first 6 months the soil is very acidic. Instead, it is recommended to plant the tree or shrub in a different area or right next to where the stump grinding occurred.

Owner Sam Young of Tree Pro's LLC, has been serving the Birmingham/Central alabama areas for over 15 years. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured tree care company. Customers can read our reviews on web site, and ask for a list of commercial and residential references to learn more about our superior service. Simply contact Tre Pro's LLC today to have your trees or shrubs evaluated, or to learn more about our company by phone at 205-531-2067, or email at

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